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At Projections, keeping pace with technology is part of our upbringing. Since we began producing multi-image slide shows in 1979, we've moved through various phases of video and web design to bring us to where we are today—offering our clients the best in high-definition, interactive resources.

Editing Studio

Video Production Facilities

One of the highest priorities of the Projections team is making sure that the technology we employ enhances your message. Our all-new high definition video production equipment provides you with 1080 HD recording capabilities, a tapeless workflow and a spectacular finished product. Over the years, we've also perfected our in-house processes to include impossible-to-tell green screen composites, detailed studio sets, in-house teleprompting and more.

Web & Interactive Facilities

Projections' Flash-based multi-media capabilities are driven by our certified team of eLearning artists and animators. What that experience means for your project is that you'll not only meet your training objectives, but you can entertain and fully engage your audience. Keeping up with current technology is what allows us to create and maintain sophisticated database-driven applications that provide our clients with automated tracking and compliance reporting. Add to that the latest toys that keep all our creative-types happy, and you've got the ingredients for employee communications that exceed every expectation.

Client Services & Support Facilities

Technology also allows Projections to offer the ultimate in convenience to our custom production clients. With free Insider Membership, Projections' clients can review and select actors and narrators online, even watch the shoot live, as it happens, in our studio, and preview custom work-in-progress—without ever stepping on an airplane.

Finally, Projections skilled staff attends to every detail, with in-house duplication capabilities, labeling, packaging and distribution.

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