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Staying union free is about connecting with employees, and explaining the reasons behind the company's union free philosophy. Projections offers the best in labor relations video, websites and eLearning to help you communicate that union-free philosophy. Starting with our best-selling "Little Card, Big Trouble" to the all-new Projections "IceBreaker" video, these union avoidance dvds will help your company communicate and stay union free. Union avoidance videos like the Ultimate Defense Kit will help you maintain your connection with your employees, in the event that your company is targeted by union organizers.

From powerful preventive programs to comprehensive campaign communications, Projections Off The Shelf resources were developed based on decades of experience in communicating with employees and helping companies stay union-free. When you're ready to truly connect with employees, these are the union avoidance tools that will make an impact.

The IceBreakerFrom The IceBreaker

The IceBreaker

Approach the topic of remaining union-free with a matter-of-fact tone and simple common sense. Projections' IceBreaker video has been trusted by literally thousands of companies to explain and promote their union-free philosophy without alienating employees.

Video: The IceBreaker ››

Little Card, Big Trouble

The number-one selling video on union authorization cards, this program was approved by the NLRB for use in campaigns or as a preventive resource, in union and union-free environments.

Video: Little Card, Big Trouble ››

Modern Organizing Tactics

Keep employees alert, aware and union-free with this eye-opening piece on the tactics today's organizers use to gain new dues-paying members. This resource is an excellent follow-up to "Little Card, Big Trouble." Educate supervisors with the companion eLearning.

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The Defense Kit

All-new, shot in brilliant high definition, The Defense Kit covers organizing, bargaining, job security, strikes, and the specific union targeting employees. Plus, reach that all-important secondary audience at home with your included union-specific Essentials website.

Video and Web: The Essentials ››


This 6 DVD Kit will help employers communicate with employees regarding the Employee Free Choice Act and organized labor's continued legislative agenda. Includes information for all levels of the company, from the newest employees to the most senior managers.

Video: Orientation ››

The Home Visit

When organizers call on employees at home, there's no telling what they're saying. Make sure employees know that from the second that doorbell rings, organizers could promise anything to anyone.

Video: The Home Visit ››

Straight Talk

These testimonials from former union organizers can help you overcome almost any credibility problem. Fortify your employee communications with these incredibly compelling accounts.

Union Organizer Testimonial Videos: Straight Talk ››

Push Back Kit

Employees that understand their rights –including their right not to join a union – can be the most powerful force in an ongoing effort to remain union-free. This 3 video kit with an included power pack of resources will help employees begin their own grassroots effort.

Video Kit: Push Back ››

The Nightmare

From the minute the main character wakes up on the day the union is certified, things take an unexpected turn. Watch as he realizes he still has the opportunity to maintain control over his own working life.

Video: The Nightmare ››

Union Watch

As engaging as any news magazine show, these genuine and factual stories allow the truth to speak for itself. Available for the Teamsters, Steelworkers, UAW, and more.

Video: Union Watch ››

5 Days to a Comprehensive Labor Relations Strategy

We took our comprehensive Labor Relations Communication Strategy, and broke it down into 5 easy-to-implement parts. Now, we're ready to give it away, just for the asking. Get yours, here:

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