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Your union avoidance strategy should include powerful employee communication tools. Preventing unionization starts by connecting with employees and video, websites and eLearning can be the key to connecting with employees long-term. From custom union free video to online resources, Projections preventive tools have helped thousands of companies deliver their union-free philosophy. These highly effective communication resources will help your employees understand the reasons behind the company's desire to avoid unions and maintain a direct relationship.

The Defense Kit: Strikes Video From The Defense Kit: Strikes Video

Labor Relations Orientation

Without question, this custom video is the most powerful way to communicate your union-free philosophy. Designed to be implemented for both existing employees and every new hire.

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The Defense Kit—The Ultimate Union-Free Solution

The finest in comprehensive campaign communications, The Essentials incorporates 5 high-definition videos, plus an interactive union-specific website, available in English, Spanish and for the Healthcare Industry.

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Little Card, Big Trouble

The number-one selling video on cardsigning, this program was approved by the NLRB for use in campaigns or as a preventive resource, in union and union-free environments.

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Modern Organizing Tactics

Keep employees alert, aware and union-free with this eye-opening piece on the tactics today's organizers use to gain new dues-paying members. This resource is an excellent follow-up to "Little Card, Big Trouble." Educate supervisors with the companion eLearning.

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Push Back Kit

This DVD kit is a comprehensive resource for educating employees on their right NOT to join a union. It includes videos for employees in English and Spanish, as well as a video that will show Supervisors how they can support employees in their right to remain union-free, without overstepping legal boundaries. Includes Power Pack of handouts and presentations.

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A powerful tool for staying union-free, your custom website for supervisors is a clear source for information that helps supervisors and managers respond appropriately to employee concerns.

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A custom website makes communicating with employees easy, effective and instantaneous – exactly what's needed when a union is creating "us vs. them" barriers. Even before a union begins organizing, establishing this trusted source of information will reinforce your union-free philosophy and employer brand.

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5 Days to a Comprehensive Labor Relations Strategy

We took our comprehensive Labor Relations Communication Strategy, and broke it down into 5 easy-to-implement parts. Now, we're ready to give it away, just for the asking. Get yours, here:

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