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Ready to actively maintain your facility's union-free environment? These video, web and eLearning resources will help you communicate your union-free philosophy with your staff. Start with industry-specific testimonials from former union organizers, add a website and provide your supervisory staff with healthcare labor relations eLearning. These tools were crafted with guidance from some of the foremost union-free healthcare providers in the nation, and they'll help your facility avoid unionization.

The Defense Kit: Collective Bargaining (Healthcare) Video From The Defense Kit: Collective Bargaining (Healthcare) Video

Video Resources for Healthcare

Crafted specifically for our clients in the Healthcare industry, Projections union campaign and union avoidance videos deliver targeted, appropriate messages to staff without heavy-handed scare tactics. From “Inside Report” to the all-new union-specific (SEIU, CNA) Healthcare Essentials, these employee communication resources will help you share your union free philosophy in a way that staff members understand and embrace.

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Online Resources for Healthcare

Supervisor Labor Relations training for the Healthcare industry will prepare staff members in supervisory positions to answer direct and difficult questions about unionization with ease. Engaging interactive exercises, on-camera narration, and video vignettes work together to present scenarios and challenges that instruct and inform. Don't leave your supervisors without the vital training they need – provide them with our Healthcare Supervisor Labor Relations eLearning.

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Healthcare Labor Relations eLearning

A resource you won't find anywhere else - Projections' engaging and interactive online program will train Supervisors in the Healthcare industry to deal with union activity and help them keep their facility union-free. Developed with the assistance of one of the nation's top healthcare providers, this program is the best in eLearning, with video, interactive activities, and the tools your supervisory staff needs to stay ahead of union organizing attempts.

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