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Custom Labor Relations Videos and Websites

Connect with your workforce on a personal level, in the context that they understand, and send a message of how very vital working union-free is to the company. Custom-produced videos and websites can be the most powerful force in your union avoidance strategy.

Custom Role Play VideoFrom a Custom Role Play Video

Labor Relations Orientation Video

Want to know what other companies are doing to communicate their Union Free philosophy? This custom video is our #1 employee communication resource. You can represent each work group within your company, giving every employee a way to identify with the message. It's powerful, it's compelling and it will help keep your company union-free.

Labor Relations Orientation videos for new and existing employees ››

Mid-Campaign Video

A Custom Mid-Campaign video is designed to communicate with employees as the campaign is developing. At a point when Company supporters may need to be reminded that they are not alone, and fence-sitters are still looking for the things that will help them decide, a Mid Campaign video may be your greatest communication vehicle.

More about Mid-Campaign videos ››

Role Play Video

If you're looking for a way to let employees know that the company is listening, there's no better way than with a custom role play video. Audiences watch as the issues that matter to them are discussed in a frank and open manner. Because it's fully custom, these videos reflect the corporate culture, demographics, geography and more.

Campaign-based Role Play videos ››

25th Hour Video

In the final days before a vote, tension and stresses run high. Provide a straightforward voice of reason with a custom 25th Hour video. From the great things about your corporate culture and the things employees have achieved together, to the downsides of the union seeking representation, the 25th Hour is the perfect time to make sure employees are making an informed decision.

Getting "No" votes with a 25th Hour Video ››

The Nightmare Video

If you want to wake employees up, create a custom Nightmare video. The Nightmare follows one employee as his company becomes unionized, and he finds himself out on strike – with what could be disastrous consequences. Thankfully, he wakes and realizes he still has the power to take control of his working life.

The Power of a custom Nightmare video ›› Websites

A powerful tool for staying union-free, your custom website for supervisors is a clear source for information that helps supervisors and managers respond appropriately to employee concerns.

Create an Information Source for Supervisors ›› Websites

A custom website makes communicating with employees easy, effective and instantaneous – exactly what's needed when a union is creating "us vs. them" barriers. Even before a union begins organizing, establishing this trusted source of information will reinforce your union-free philosophy and employer brand.

See how a custom website can make the difference ››

5 Days to a Comprehensive Labor Relations Strategy

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