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Stay Union-Free

If your company wants to remain Union Free, you need the video, web and eLearning resources that will help employees understand your union free philosophy.

If your labor relations group is thinking proactively, or if you're in the midst of an active organizing campaign, Projections has over 30 years of experience successfully helping companies maintain their union-free status.

Push Back Video


Online video access that provides peace of mind: the right resources in the right place, at the right time. ADA offers flexibility and preparedness, at smart prices.
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Push Back Video


Without question, these employee communication resources are the most powerful way to communicate your union-free philosophy and to avoid unionization long-term.
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Role Play Video


If you're facing a representation election, there are no better employee communication resource than the tried-and-true videos that Projections clients have used to remain union-free for over 30 years.
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Supervisors Can Keep You Union-Free eLearning


From a 10 minute overview to hours of interactive eLearning, whatever your Supervisor Labor Relations training needs are, these resources from Projections will give your supervisors the tools they need.
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Nightmare Video


When it comes to staying union-free, companies are most successful when they consider the needs of their unique workforce. Let employees know that you want to continue working directly with them to maintain an open & flexible working environment.
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The Home Visit Video


Want to stay union-free on a budget? Or need to communicate with employees tomorrow? Projections off-the-shelf videos deliver the same powerful message as our custom work, but can be more cost-effective for smaller companies.
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The Defense Kit: Job Security Video (Healthcare)


With 4 all-new programs, plus union-specific videos and websites, staff members will fully comprehend the implications of unionization. Projections provides the employee communications resources that will keep your facility union-free.
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Canadian Resource: It's Your Choice


The only videos available specific to Canadian labour laws, Projections "It's Your Choice" series can be shipped from inside Canada. Don't leave employees in the dark – make sure their vote is an informed decision.
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