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Promoting Positive Employee Relations isn't a one-time event – it's an ongoing strategy. Make sure your workforce remains loyal and your employer brand remains by delivering the right information directly to those that need to hear it, consistently, without the grapevine, and in a way that conveys how important employees are to the success of the company. By keeping employees informed of changes in the company or addressing sensitive subjects, you are providing the security that comes with hearing the truth, direct from the company.

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Educate and inform your employees to prevent any violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act with Projections' Wage & Hour eLearning. This highly engaging training will help protect your company from accusations of unlawful treatment.
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Employee Benefits video


Enhance your employer brand with a clear explanation of the benefits you offer. Delivered as interactive eLearning, a website, or video, the value of the benefits the company offers needs to be communicated to both new and existing employees.
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Safety Training Video


Projections' unique approach to connecting with employees will ensure your training takes root. Choose eLearning for a truly immersive experience, websites for ongoing instruction, or a video for the most powerfully consistent instruction available today.
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Harassment eLearning


With powerful hypothetical scenarios, interactive activities, and instructor-based narration, Projections' "Harassment in the Workplace" eLearning educates every employee, including supervisors and managers, about all forms of Harassment.
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Compliance Video


Make what was once complicated clear, and be sure your team members understand what's expected. With compliance training from Projections, you can be sure that your standards and other requirements are being upheld.
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Cultural Diversity training, Dispute Resolution, Discrimination prevention, Layoffs & Outsourcing, Facility Closings, even annual corporate updates can be dangerous ground if accurate information isn't delivered to employees at the right time.
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5 Simple Ways to Update your Training Delivery

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