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Within Projections' walls is where the magic of your employee communications project begins. When clients visit our studios, they're often amazed by our facilities. We love giving tours of our studio, edit suites, control room, and animation and web design environments. We own our own 15,000 square foot building and operate a 2,000 square foot soundstage. What does that mean for you? Total control over every detail, every deadline and every goal.
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Writer's Wing

This is where our custom productions begin. It's here—with our highly skilled and experienced writers—that we create the foundation of your employee communications. We know that the smart employers who come to us want to foster understanding—rather than just execute decisions—and that's why we approach every production with a unique perspective.
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Studio & Control Room

After 3 decades, the professionals at Projections have logged thousands of hours of studio time. We do live-to-digital role plays, full-length dramatic productions, narrative and testimonial-based documentaries and more. Here, you can watch your script come to life - it's the part where our experience translates into the ability to truly connect with your workforce.
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Post-Production Suites

And here—in post-production—is where it all comes together. Projections' staff includes highly skilled editors, producers, animators, web designers and eLearning programmers. When you come here for the final production of your custom work, you sit in with literally decades of experience.
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Instructional Design Facilities

Our animators and eLearning developers create the most engaging material available today—it's light-years ahead of the standard "page-turning," "computer-based-training" that was one tiny step above a slide presentation just a few years ago.
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